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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The 56th Annual New England Book Show

Now that I think of it, I am a little stunned to be part of a 56-year tradition. This year's book show was held at Boston Symphony Hall, and it was as big an honor as any before for the winners.

This year's event also included the presentation of our "lifetime achievement" Dwiggins Award, as well as acknowledgment of scholarship recipients. Board member David Stirling of Heinemann took the outstanding pictures that are in this post. I will do my best to identify the subjects of each ... please do use the comments section to notify me of any errors. (It's not ink-on-paper, and I am happy to fix!)

Meredith White of the Dwiggins Award Committee introduces the Dwiggins winner in a speech with the traditional element of suspense.

Dwiggins winner Nancy Fenton delivers her acceptance speech.

Outgoing president Tom Plain of IBT/Hamilton introduces incoming president Jamie Carter from Copyright Clearance Center (that's me!)
In the purple tie is board member John Rodzvilla. I believe that he is flanked by two Emerson scholarship winners, with Iris Amelia Febres at right.
Northeastern scholarship winner Ingrid Villatta shows her work to Nancy Fenton.
Checking out the winners are two members of the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University design team (right).
Stephen Pekich of Victory Productions (and a Dwiggins alumnus) with Breaking the Spanish Barrier.
At left, text and cover designer Ellen Maxwell. The winning books are from Cheng & Tsui.
The two men on the left are board member Tom Campbell (King Printing) and president Tom Plain (IBT/Hamilton).
Very nice picture. I am sorry that I cannot read the name tags!
At left is Stephanie Rineman.
Board member Joanne Sweeney of Candlewick is in red on the right.
Board member Michele Brennan of Bridgeport National Bindery gets a pat on the back from board member Mike Mozina of Brill.
Incoming board officer Laura Wind (left) organized the book show with Michele Brennan (above). At right is Stephanie Grey, professor from Framingham State and art director for the 2011 catalog. 
Incoming officer Tom Delano (left) appears here with two colleagues from Vista Higher Learning.
A second winning title from Vista Higher Learning.
Pearson is the publisher of the second set of covers displayed on this board.
Glenn Castle of Cengage.
An award-winning title from David R. Godine.
Two 2013 Boston College scholarship recipients.
Incoming board member Bob Bethune (Maple Press) is on the right.
John Corkery and Mike Edson.

Compositor and cover designer Fritz Klaetke with an award-winning title from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.
Scholarship winner Ingrid Villatta with her husband Jeff Holmes of Harvard University.
Former board member Lisa Diercks (Emerson) is at left with John Rodzvilla. On the right are Bob Kosturko and Gabi Anderson of Beacon Press.
Almost all of the design crew from the Art Institute, with George Restrepo (Rest Design) in black.
For a complete list of winners, visit the Bookbuilders website.

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