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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have a friend who says that I remind her of Jackie O, because I work in publishing. 

Jackie worked at Viking and Doubleday, but the connection is still a HUGE reach. I allow my friend to maintain this glamorous fiction, however, because I like to think that if Jackie O worked in Boston publishing today, she would attend our networking events. (Plus, I do have a pair of oversized sunglasses.)

My husband, on the other hand, imagines that the networking events resemble the scenes in Moneyball when player trades are discussed: I have two freelance recommendations and some information about ePub in exchange for your full-timer referral. This is also a reach, but local professionals looking for work or services know that CNEs are the place to be. The discussions are not always so serious or direct (no player recommendations from Jonah Hill), but they are meaningful.

We welcome you to attend the next CNE event on Weds., February 8, at OM Restaurant in Cambridge. It would be hard to find a more supportive and friendly group, and it's important to engage no matter what the stage of your career. Visit to register ... see you soon!

Four Webinars from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

CCC is a new Bookbuilders of Boston member. To learn about this copyright resource on the North Shore, why not check out one of their upcoming webinars for rightsholders? The hosts are my colleagues, so please be sure to let them know where you learned about these events.

Automate Your Online Permissions, Reprints and Author Programs
Monetizing Content in a Sophisticated Digital World
Follow the links for more information on each presentation, or simply comment on this blog post.