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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Networking on the Common

Now THIS was a good idea. A free networking event on Boston Common, on the evening of a Shakespeare on the Common performance. And the weather was amazing.

For years I went to school in Boston and never took the time to enjoy the Common. It's a wonderful site, and I didn't want to leave this event. I chatted with some newcomers to the industry, munched on some corn & bean salad, and got to know one of my fellow board members.

I was reminded of what a struggle it is to get into publishing, and also how exciting it is to get that first job and discover that it was worth it -- you love this gig! The economy is still making things rougher than they need to be, however. More often than I recall in years past, entry-level jobs are temporary. And it's increasingly difficuly to score even an unpaid internship.

Bookbuilders of Boston does its best to help in all circumstances, and invariably the new folks tell us that they benefit from these events. Sometimes I wish I had better advice to offer, but you never know what will lead to someone's "big break." The two recent graduates I spoke with were unaware of nSight, an agency that found work for me when I needed it.

There are ALWAYS well-known professionals at these events along with the up-and-coming. Don't hesitate to come out and enjoy a low-key and friendly evening with Bookbuilders.

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